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Smiths Detection launches Ada Initiative based on Open Architecture

SMITHS DETECTION – the threat detection and security screening technologies specialist – has announced the launch of the Ada Initiative, which is designed to drive forward the development and implementation of responsible Open Architecture (OA). It’s envisaged that this new initiative will benefit customers across the company’s markets who are involved in aviation and ports and borders security as well as defence and urban security.

Hardware, software and algorithms from different product suppliers can be plugged together using OA. By driving the continued development of OA, Smiths Detection will work with both start-ups and established third parties in order that technology may be seamlessly, bi-directionally and safely integrated with Smiths Detection’s own software and equipment.

The Ada Initiative has been named after Ada Lovelace, a 19th Century English mathematician and writer who was the first person to publish an algorithm. As a result, Lovelace is often regarded – and referenced – as the first computer programmer.

Speaking about the company’s move, Richard Thompson (vice-president of marketing at Smiths Detection) said: “In security operations, there are often fragmented physical and digital components from different suppliers OA can assist in deriving the most benefit from of all these elements. With the Ada Initiative, we are working to ensure all components seamlessly and compliantly work together such that customers can achieve operational efficiencies, improved safety outcomes and, ultimately, work with a more relevant and precise data ecosystem.”

Thompson also informed Security Matters: “Throughout this initiative, we’re going to be working with a growing number of stakeholders to ensure we achieve a responsible, reliable and practical interoperability of technologies, while at the same time delivering ever higher standards of safety, information security and operational benefits for users.”

A division of the Smiths Group, Smiths Detection boasts upwards of 70 years’ experience in the field and is firmly focused on protecting society from the threats posed by explosives, prohibited weapons, contraband, toxic chemical and biological agents and narcotics.

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