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Security guarding companies place trust in TEAM Software

TEAM SOFTWARE by WorkWave is a leading provider of financial, operations and workforce management solutions built to reduce risk and costs while in parallel driving efficiency, profitability and growth. 

Built specifically for the security industry, the company’s software solutions are trusted by 21 of the Top 25 security guarding businesses in the UK and Ireland. Thanks to constant innovation, TEAM Software is helping to solve the biggest challenges those companies are facing today and what’s coming next.

TEAM Software’s powerful global workforce management solutions – among them Timegate, Servicetrac, Templa and more – provide business-critical information that assists greatly in reducing risk and costs, while in parallel driving efficiency, profitability and growth.

End users of TEAM Software’s fully integrated solutions report improvements such as processes that used to take three of four days to complete now taking only ten minutes, controlled overhead and increased revenue growth of circa 24%.

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