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Satia Rai appointed CEO of International Professional Security Association

AT THE organisation’s 2022 Annual General Meeting, the International Professional Security Association (IPSA) – the membership body for individuals and companies working in security and associated roles – appointed Satia Rai as its new CEO, taking over the reins from Una Riley.

Satia Rai’s experience and all-round knowledge of the sector will be invaluable to IPSA, enabling the organisation to grow and expand its horizons even further. Across this last year, Rai has exerted a significant and positive impact on IPSA and its members in the role of the organisation’s EDI and welfare director. Indeed, Rai launched a Special Interest Group Alliance to make front line members from all backgrounds and communities feel welcomed and supported.

Further, Rai also spearheaded the largest security inclusivity initiative to date by encouraging more than 20 security organisations to join the biggest Pride March in London. This was the first time ever that the security industry outwardly supported the LGBTQ+ community on such a platform and on such a scale.

In-depth experience

Commenting on the news, Una Riley stated: “I’m delighted to welcome Satia Rai to the role of CEO at IPSA. Satia’s experience and career on the front line to date, combined with her dedication and passion for equality, diversity and inclusion, will undoubtedly enable IPSA to better represent and support all of its members going forward.”

Riley added: “IPSA’s plan of continually bringing on board new, enthusiastic and motivated individuals like Satia is a key factor in keeping the organisation relevant to the front line’s evolving needs. I hope everyone will join me in wishing Satia all the very best in her new role.”

Satia Rai responded: “I’m delighted to have been appointed as the new CEO for IPSA. It’s a real privilege and an honour to serve our front line professionals, who are very much the heartbeat of our industry. Being part of the IPSA Board affords me the best possible opportunity to serve their needs and interests.”

Ensuring professionalism

IPSA was formed more than 60 years ago to ensure professionalism in the management of security operations. Today, it’s an established and recognised worldwide professional organisation and provides – in accordance with growing demand – a specialised service to industry/commerce.

There are no geographical boundaries or its operation, while the highest technical standards are stringently applied in all the organisation’s dealings. The Association operates within the framework of 14 regions, which includes many overseas countries.

Across the years, IPSA has grown from under 50 members to become the largest Trade Association for front line security professionals and now boasts over 4,500 security officers within its cohort. This fast growth can be credited to IPSA’s radical approach of offering free membership to front line workers, as well as the dedication, support and passion to truly develop the workforce that’s shared by IPSA chair Simon Pears and now former CEO Una Riley.

For her part, Riley has always advocated for the front line security professional, but her contributions to the cause go much further. Riley’s efforts to revolutionise the sector and empower the front line have been rather monumental in the last two years during her active role as CEO.

Among many initiatives, Riley organised the IPSA-NUJ collaboration, which has altered the way in which the media and security industry interact and engage. It has laid the foundations for an improved and more respectful relationship between journalists and front line security officers and has initiated a much-needed dialogue between the key stakeholders from both areas.

Continued encouragement

“While I step away from the role of CEO,” concluded Riley, “I will remain an active member as an international ambassador for IPSA and continue to encourage more security organisations and front line workers all over the globe to join the Association, creating ‘One Voice’ as a united security sector.”

Riley added: “As I become the first of many international ambassadors of IPSA, I look forward to this exciting role and witnessing the organisation grow still further in times ahead. The role of international ambassador will be an opportunity for all outgoing chairs and CEOs of IPSA to continue to share their passion for the front line and enable the organisation to reach out to as many security officers as possible.”

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