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Right-wing extremist group members sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court

MEMBERS OF an extreme fascist group have been sentenced for terror offences after attempting to manufacture component parts for a firearm using a 3D printer. They were part of a Telegram group which celebrated racist violence and killing and, as a result, have now been convicted by a jury presiding at Sheffield Crown Court.

Daniel Wright and Samuel Whibley have been sentenced for encouraging terrorism. The pair used a Telegram channel to communicate, which was accessible by members of the public. Using this channel, they expressed racist views and advocated the use of extreme violence. They also used the Telegram channel to share copies of terrorist publications and extremist propaganda.

Further, they made use of the Telegram channel to glorify people who had committed deadly acts of right-wing terrorism around the world.

In addition, Daniel Wright has been sentenced for being in possession of information that was of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or otherwise preparing an act of terrorism.

Nick Price, head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s Counter-Terrorism Division, said: “The views and ideologies expressed by the four defendants were abhorrent and repulsive. The material that was shared among themselves and on a public forum, and the attempt by two members of the group to manufacture firearms using a 3D printer, was highly dangerous.”

Price added: “The Counter-Terrorism Division presented evidence to show that their views and actions posed a threat to our society, and it’s only right that they have been sentenced for their offences.”

Sentencing in full

Samuel Whibley [DoB: 15.11.1992] of Anglesey in North Wales was sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment plus a one-year extended licence for 6 x dissemination of terrorist publications (counts 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7) and 2 x encouragement of terrorism (counts 3 and 8).

Daniel Wright [DoB: 28.4.1992] of Keighley in West Yorkshire was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment plus a one-year extended licence for the dissemination of a terrorist publication (count 9), the manufacture of a prohibited firearm (count 10), possession of a prohibited firearm (count 11) and possession for terrorist purposes (count 12) as well as 3 x collection of information contrary to Section 58(1) of the Terrorism Act 2000 (counts 13, 14 and 15).

Liam Hall [DoB: 18.9.1990], also of Keighley in West Yorkshire, was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment for the manufacture of a prohibited firearm (count 10) and possession of a prohibited firearm (count 11).

Stacey Salmon [DoB: 27.5.1992], again of Keighley in West Yorkshire, was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for possession of a prohibited firearm (count 11).

The Crown Prosecution Service’s Counter-Terrorism Division is responsible for prosecuting all terrorism crimes and terrorist-related offences in England and Wales. It also deals with all allegations of incitement to racial and religious hatred, stirring up hatred based on sexual orientation, war crimes and crimes against humanity, official secrets-focused cases and piracy/hijacking.

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