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Reliance High-Tech forges technology partnership with Secured Communications LLC

RELIANCE HIGH-Tech Ltd has signed a partnership deal with Secured Communications LLC to offer its myriad clients Mercury, itself described as “an unrivalled ultra-secure communications platform” providing greater cyber security.

Mercury is an enterprise software suite developed by Secured Communications LLC that allows corporate and public sector users alike to communicate safely and securely. Users can host private and secure videoconference meetings, send messages, make calls and share files via a web browser or mobile device without the risk of disruptions or leaks of sensitive information.

Alistair Enser, CEO at Reliance High-Tech, informed Security Matters: “We have many mission-critical customers who demand the highest level of data security across all levels of their business. Our policy is to work with Best-in-Class solution providers of all products and services. By using the Mercury system, we know that we will be providing them with a solution that’s far more secure than the more conventional and popular communications platforms.”

Building on its proven success in the US, the introduction of Mercury into UK and European markets in 2020 has helped businesses to increase their productivity and minimise the risk of losses through episodes of information hacking, reputational damage and data breach.

Former UK police chief John Parkinson OBE is president of Secured Communications LLC and has led many aspects of the security features available in the product. He commented: “As we move further into UK and European markets, we’re thrilled to have forged an alliance with Reliance High-Tech. The company has a rich pedigree of providing security solutions for the UK’s corporate and private sectors. Mercury is a further tool in its offer to afford clients confidence that their sensitive information will always remain confidential and secure.”

Mercury’s AES-256 encrypted video and audio-conferencing product for businesses is based on technology trusted by many corporations, law enforcement agencies and counter-terrorism professionals around the world.

Unlike many other popular communications platforms, Mercury is only available to trusted professionals and companies that meet the requirements of Secured Communications LLC’s strict vetting process. It’s not available for members of the general public to download.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Secured Communications LLC operates globally from bases in the UK, Canada and Australia.

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