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PerpetuityARC Training partners with 3PX Ltd on duo of new courses

PERPETUITYARC TRAINING – itself a global training provider of accredited security management training courses and part of the Linx International Group – has announced the addition of two new training courses to its extensive learning portfolio: ‘Preparing Emergency Response Plans’ and ‘Testing and Exercise Training’.

The courses are pre-emptive of the Protect Duty legislation due to come into effect in the near future and being delivered in partnership with emergency response and planning specialist 3PX Ltd. The courses are created specifically for those professionals who are involved with preparing for (and mitigating) risk and emergency planning.

Delivered live via Zoom, ‘Preparing Emergency Response Plans’ is a two-day virtual workshop-style course designed to guide learners through the practical elements of emergency planning. It’s all about helping an organisation to improve its preparedness by affording it a higher chance of responding effectively to an emergency.

When formally introduced, the training will support the legislation within the Protect Duty and covers core content such as mitigating the impact and reducing casualties, limitations/inhibitors/risks and training as well as evaluating plans to gain assurance.

It’s the ideal course for those with a responsibility to manage the safety and security of an organisation and its staff, and provides a solid basis to build upon should learners wish to follow up with the ‘Testing and Exercise Training’ course.

Most important considerations

The three-day classroom ‘Testing and Exercise Training’ programme can either be used as a follow-up to ‘Preparing Emergency Response Plans’ or undertaken as a stand-alone course.

Designed primarily for business owners, professionals who attend will learn all about the most important considerations around testing and exercising their plans when it comes to dealing with unexpected serious incidents such as acts of terrorism, a marauding attack or vehicle-borne threats.

Key content includes exercise planning, the compilation of a Project Initiation Document and constraints as well as inhibitors.

Guided by experienced specialists from 3PX Ltd, the interactive nature of this course encourages group discussion aimed at shared experiences and draws upon good practice as well as the importance of understanding what key elements could deliver the best outcome.

Cohesive plan

3PX Ltd directors Mark Gower OBE and Kevin Jewell both have long-serving police backgrounds. Gower is a former senior police officer of New Scotland Yard and an internationally known Counter-Terrorism Command specialist. He’s a recognised and respected expert in counter-terrorism, security and homicide investigations. After leading an investigation into the 2015 Tunisian terrorist incident, he was awarded an OBE in 2019 for services to policing.

Commenting on the new courses, Gower observed: “I’ve seen first-hand the difference a cohesive response plan can have. We all hope that we are not caught up in a major incident, with lives potentially being put in danger. However, major incidents and terrorist attacks do occur. These courses will enable individuals and organisations alike to prepare as much as possible in order to respond in an effective manner should the need arise.”

During his policing career, Jewell became one of the UK’s longest-serving hostage and crisis negotiators as well as being seconded to the Home Office where he managed a team delivering the National Counter-Terrorism Exercise Programme. Immediately after retirement, Jewell carried on this role and became a specialist advisor to the Government, working in several countries around the world to help build their preparedness response.

Jewell explained: “As the need to have comprehensive and validated response plans becomes more and more important, 3PX Ltd is delighted to be partnering with PerpetuityARC Training. The world that we live in today means that simply ‘having a plan’ to deal with major incidents is not good enough. Rightly, it’s expected that organisations are as prepared as possible. Realistic testing and exercising of plans, whether it be ‘table-top’, ‘command post’ or ‘live play’ in form and function, is the only way in which to gain assurance that everything is current and understood.”

Jewell concluded: “We are confident that the courses offered will enhance still further PerpetuityARC Training’s reputation for delivering credible security training and, ultimately, benefit the well-respected organisations with whom the business partners.”

Protect Duty

Linx International Group director Sarah Hayward-Turton APP noted: “With the anticipated Protect Duty, legislation changes will mean that organisations must be able to demonstrate their mitigation measures against terrorist attacks. For many, a fresh look at testing and exercising their plans will be an essential part of this process. I’m very proud that the Linx International Group has partnered with the experts at 3PX Ltd. Together, we can make the training as accessible as possible for organisations of all sizes.”

Upon completion of each course, learners will receive a 3PX Ltd-PerpetuityARC Training certificate as well as four formal CPE points.

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