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IPSA survey shows 20% of security officers earn below £9.50 per hour

THE INTERNATIONAL Professional Security Association (IPSA) has outlined the key findings of an extensive survey involving nearly 3,000 of its members. Given the challenges impacting the labour market and the desire to ensure that security is seen as a credible and sustainable career, IPSA finds it “concerning” that the data collected between March and September shows just over 20% of security officers are currently earning less than £9.50 per hour.

The minimum pay rate for workers aged 23 and over is set at £8.91, while the UK Living Wage is set at £9.50 outside of London. IPSA asserts that security officers are qualified and, in many cases, hold a Security Industry Authority licence. On that basis, they should be paid a fair wage which reflects the skills and demands of the role.

IPSA has stated: “This is only going to be possible if end users accept fair pay rates and stop the race to the bottom on security contracts. Pay security officers a sustainable living wage and then there will be greater engagement, productivity and stability.”

Further, over 20% of security officers have reported having a ‘bad day at work’, with 43% of respondents citing the ‘work’ environment as being the reason for this. IPSA suggests that the two issues are interlinked. It’s the organisation’s view that all service users and providers need to work collaboratively in order to raise pay and standards within the sector.

Essential role

Security officers continue to play an essential role in the functioning of organisations and businesses. They’re a key touch point for many members of the public on a daily basis and must be treated fairly, respectfully and professionally if standards are to be raised and those officers are to remain wholly committed to the tasks at hand. IPSA has moved to suggest that the two issues are interlinked. All end users and service providers need to work collaboratively to raise pay and standards within the sector.

Una Riley, CEO at IPSA, noted: “At IPSA, we’ve listened to the ‘voice’ of security’s front line workers. Clearly, it’s now time for clients and businesses to do the same. We will continue to represent the front line. The analytics generated by the IPSA App will only help to strengthen our resolve around seeking a fair remuneration for those individuals whom companies and members of the public rely on for top class protection against today’s threats.”

Earlier this year, and as reported by Security Matters, IPSA launched a free App to capture the opinions and perspectives of front line workers. The App provides a unique forum for those front line workers to share and record genuine data regarding their pay bandings, unreported incidents, employer support, mental health and many more critical attributes. It also affords IPSA members information, guidance, welfare, training modules and news.

Positive change

As an organisation, IPSA is determined to bring about positive change in the security business sector and provide personal and professional development opportunities for front line operatives.

*Further information is available online by accessing the IPSA website

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