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Genetec reveals detail behind collaboration with Axis Communications

GENETEC – THE technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions – has announced a new collaboration with Axis Communications that will see the introduction of Axis Powered by Genetec, the industry’s first enterprise-level access control offering that combines Genetec access control software with Axis Communications network door controllers in a single, easy-to-deploy, all-in-one solution.

With inventory available globally and offered exclusively through the Genetec certified network of channel partners, Axis Powered by Genetec combines the Genetec Synergis access control software with the AXIS A1210 and AXIS A1610 network door controllers. 

Integrators will benefit from easy-to-deploy hardware pre-loaded with the access control software, thereby removing the friction that can be associated with traditional software/hardware integrations. Moreover, devices in the Axis Powered by Genetec programme benefit from continuous delivery of product and firmware improvements, new features and important cyber security updates.  

“Genetec and Axis Communications share a trusted partnership based on a long history of collaboration and development ingenuity,” stated Michel Chalouhi, vice-president of global sales at Genetec. “We are proud to work with Axis as the Premier Partner in our new Powered by Genetec programme. Our shared focus on delivering powerful and creative solutions to suit customers’ needs has underpinned the development of this sophisticated enterprise-level access control technology, which is itself delivered in a streamlined and easy-to-acquire-and-deploy offering.”

Fredrick Nilsson, vice-president for the Americas at Axis Communications, explained: “Axis Communications and Genetec have a history of collaborative innovation. The new Axis Powered by Genetec solution exemplifies this relationship by truly integrating Best-of-Breed hardware and software, thereby enhancing installation and maintenance, while also boosting cyber security.”

Nilsson added: “Our long-standing and trusted partnership with Genetec means that integrators and end users alike can rely on this solution to deliver continual innovation, quality and value for a wide range of physical access control needs.”

Hardware and software combined

Axis Powered by Genetec combines hardware and software in one unit, which simplifies the installation process, reduces maintenance and brings built-in cyber security features at both the hardware and software levels.

The open platform solution expands the Genetec ecosystem of non-proprietary systems, while at the same time providing customers with more flexibility to scale as their physical security needs evolve.

“Harnessing the power of computing at the edge will become essential in modern system architecture,” commented Christian Morin, vice-president of R&D at Genetec. “As we reach the limits of Moore’s Law, initiatives that distribute processing into containerised and hybrid edge/core structures will act to increase available computing power for complex applications. Initiatives such as the Axis Powered by Genetec programme are at the forefront of such innovation and mark the beginning of other edge initiatives at Genetec.”

Genetec will be introducing select Axis Powered by Genetec offerings across a range of edge devices in the coming quarters.

Genetec Certified channel partners will have access to part numbers and ready-to-ship inventory in April.

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