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Front line security officers urged to participate in groundbreaking survey

IN PARTNERSHIP with Perpetuity Research, the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is conducting a groundbreaking study designed to explore the roles, responsibilities and training of front line security officers and wants to hear the views of as many of that cohort as possible.

In the context of the survey, a security officer is defined as a front line worker involved in protecting premises against crime and other threats. The tasks performed by such personnel may include patrolling, implementing security/technology measures, controlling access, maintaining order, enforcing regulations and/or offering a reassuring presence.

Security officers can be employed and based in any location, while the job role will typically (but not always) involve wearing a uniform. The individual may have responsibility only for themselves or otherwise act in a designated supervisory capacity.

Any front line security officer up to the level of supervisor – and who’s currently working in one of the following countries*: Canada, Ecuador, India, Ireland, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the UK or the USA – is eligible to participate in the online survey which takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Primarily delivered in the format of multiple choice questions, the survey itself is designed to elicit the following information as it pertains to the current role and background of a given security officer: the tasks and skills required to complete their duties and the training requirements for their specific position.

Expansion of educational programmes

All of the information gathered will be used by the IFPO and Perpetuity Research in the further development and expansion of educational programmes and certification standards within the industry.

Survey responses will be anonymous which means that no-one will know how a given individual has answered. No names of individuals or organisations will be included in the findings. At the end of the survey, participating individuals may choose to enter a valid e-mail address in order that they’re then entered into a prize draw to win an Amazon Gift Card valued at USD$50.

The opinions of security officers are highly valued and, by giving their feedback, thoughts, ideas and experiences, officers can actively help to shape the future of the security business sector.

The survey is open from Friday 9 April until Monday 31 May.

Take part in the survey by clicking this link:

*These countries have been identified for the initial phase of the research programme, but others may be added as the project progresses


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