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Employee Engagement Survey Report

The rise of COVID-19 this year has dramatically transformed the world of work around the globe. In the UK, around 40% of the workforce are still not working in the offce. What started as just ‘3 weeks’ is ongoing 9 months later. Consequently, employees have had to fully adapt to the ‘new normal’ of remote working. As we enter the final weeks of 2020, we want to find out the impact of this change. Specifically, this report focuses on the impact that Covid-19 and home-working has had on employee engagement.

The importance of employee engagement isn’t a new discovery. Companies and leadership teams are well aware that it’s crucial in creating a healthy working environment and boosting productivity. But when the majority of the workforce is home-based, are we overlooking these basics?

To find out, we ran a survey on LinkedIn where 250 professionals cast their votes. We asked 3 poll questions to our diverse networks. From the results of this sample, we can see the general trends of the overall workforce. Below are the questions we asked and the percentage of votes each answer received in a visual pie chart. Following this is a summary of our findings and our guidance for the future.

Employee Engagement Survey Report

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