Brian Sims

Emergency Lighting (Part 1: Design)

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FIA (Fire Industry Association)


Fire Safety

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Course Overview

Course Description

  •  Basic regulations, relevant Standards, and when emergency lighting is needed   
  • Types of emergency lighting   
  • Exit sign pictograms, luminance and viewing distances   
  • Luminance requirements, lux levels, uniformity and duration requirements   
  • Emergency lighting for cinema and theatre auditoria   
  • Choosing maintained or non­maintained luminaries   
  • Design procedures covering all points of emphasis, such as stairs   
  • Using manufacturers’ spacing tables for escape routes and open areas   
  • Simple designs for high risk areas   
  • Conversion of mains luminaries for emergency use, achieving lux levels and using conversion spacing tables   
  • Disability glare and colour requirements       
  • Basic installation, wiring and fuse protection       
  • Testing and servicing to BS 5266­-8       
  • Automatic testing

Who is the course for?

Engineers with some basic knowledge of lamps and light fittings.

More experienced engineers

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