Brian Sims

Crowd sciences and crowd management in practice


5-6 Hours

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Course Overview

What you will learn

This module will deal with the use of space by the participants of an event, but also the use of space as a resource by those in charge of security and crowd management, in normal or degraded situations (emergency procedure, evacuation planning, policing management, etc.).

Core content

Through a multi-disciplinary approach associating different theoretical contributions in urban planning, architecture, mobility, urban sociology and crowd psychology, this module will allow students to acquire a more global vision of event security issues by thinking crowd behaviour in three dimensions: number, density and individual or collective behaviour

Course Description

The recent development of crowd science and new approaches to crowd management are leading to broader thinking about security issues by placing them in their environment. Whether we are talking about the perimeter of a festival, a theater, a stadium or gatherings in the public space, the crowd will behave in each case in interaction with an environment of practice that has to be adequately designed.

Thinking about space, anticipating congestion or high-density zones, calculating audience flows in order to guarantee good experience for spectators while providing the best possible security conditions are activities that are needed today in the event management. As a consequence, space design management is a key skill when managing crowds.

Who is the course for?

This course is for:

Educators, emergency managers, security directors, event managers, event staff, guest services, blue light services, producers, venue managers, event promoters, production staff, health and safety managers, local authorities and anyone else involved in the safety and management of crowded spaces.

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