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Pro Gen4 cameras “deliver continued commitment” to smarter buildings

JOHNSON CONTROLS has announced the launch of the Tyco Illustra Pro Gen4 2 MP, 4 MP and 8 MP Edge-AI mini-domes. These latest mini-domes are part of an ever-increasing portfolio of IP cameras that focus on delivering AI classifications, customisable rules and accurate event notification at the edge, while still maintaining the core attributes of ease of installation and enhanced cyber security.

“Edge-AI is a critical building block for security ecosystems as our industry evolves from traditional centralised and on-premise processing models to more flexible, powerful and cost-efficient distributed edge and cloud architectures,” explained Gopal Paripally, vice-president of engineering and technology for security products at Johnson Controls. “With the Illustra ProGen 4 cameras, we are focusing on the strategic importance of a solution for customers who require a high level of security without disrupting business operations.”

This new line of cameras provides commercial and light commercial organisations with the capability to respond to incidents faster than ever before as AI enhances the speed and accuracy of forensic searches. This is achieved by embedding object classification capabilities directly on security cameras. Events can be narrowed to classes such as a person, car, bus, motorcycle or bicycle.

Settings can be adjusted on each camera with a variety of analytic rules that notify security or business owners when people or objects are detected – for example, if someone crosses a perimeter or is loitering around a restricted area. This functionality automates manual surveillance processes and enables organisations to use video surveillance as an increasingly preventive tool, literally stopping incidents before they happen. 

Automatic camera setting adjustment 

With an integrated recess mount, QR code and Illustra mobile app configuration and application profiles that automatically adjust the camera’s settings based on the chosen profile, Illustra Pro Gen4 cameras are designed to be simple to use and easy to install. Smart features such as smart wide dynamic range automatically scan the video scene and adjusts contrasting and overall scene balance without operator intervention or maintenance, while the new smart defog feature allows for accurate surveillance to continue even in challenging weather conditions.

True day/night camera functionality and built-in IR Illumination ensures that clear, sharp images of objects can be captured at a distance of up to 50 metres, regardless of the lighting conditions. Additionally, a range of input/output options, including micro HDMI and an integrated microphone, render these cameras highly flexible and powerful.

These new models also offer end-to-end video encryption, from camera to VMS, as well as edge SD card encryption. Illustra Pro Gen4 cameras are designed such that they will not start if the software has been tampered with in any way. Additional safeguard controls include an enhanced security mode which forces the use of complex, non-default passwords and encrypted communications.

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