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Keys to business success

Comelit UK has been highlighted as a significant branch of the globally renowned group company, one that has grown significantly. Here, Francesca Boeris, Comelit UK Managing Director shares her insights into this success.

The definition of “success” means something different to every individual and every company.  For Comelit UK, it’s always learning, exploring, innovating and growing.  Whether it be in our product ranges, our team, office facilities or developing new services, we are never complacent, never a company to stand still. 


Key to Comelit’s success as a global business is its focus on stylish product design, with no compromise on quality.  And we are incredibly lucky to belong to a brand that believes in R&D and commits a large spend to new product development, with genuine state-of-the-art product ranges launched, across our complete portfolio.  

We view this support as critical to our own accomplishments, not only in directing resources into creating consumer demand but also driving innovation into the integrated security and connected smart home channels, embracing latest technology along the way.  

We have already seen significant success with our powerful integrations with top manufacturers, including Salto and Gira.

People, People, People

Success in Business is also all about people.  Whatever industry a company is in, its employees are its biggest competitive advantage. As Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce said recently, “They’re the ones making the magic happen - so long as their needs are being met.”

  There is no stronger endorsement and success point, than when an employee tells a friend or relative that their company is a great place to work.  And from an internal perspective, we believe this scenario is created by looking after and building our team, seeing what motivates and inspires them to work to flourish and commit to the mission, vision and values of Comelit.  

It translates to having the right working environment and life balance, something we are constantly aware and a big reason for our move.  The aim was to present a new space that really facilitates discussion amongst team members, and we already are seeing some fantastic results for clients as a consequence.

It is also the motivation behind our decision to welcome Ashley Wyton as Sales Director, to ensure we are constantly learning and evolving as a team.  Ashley joined the team in February 2020 with a clear sales strategy and responsibility for the strategic leadership of our amazing sales team to drive our growth strategy.

Customer Insights

Of course, within all of this, our customers are also integral, and their satisfaction will determine our success.  When our customers succeed, we succeed.  

Here, it is our ability to satisfy them with the right product portfolio and services to such a degree that they continue to buy from Comelit rather than from someone else, that will reflect in our future.  

And that our customers buy again and favour us with their loyalty. That they bring their partners and customers is also a key determinant of growth and profitability.  It’s the reason we invest extensively in our distribution partnerships, recently adding a Diamond Partner status, to ensure we are delivering on our customer needs.

From an internal and external process, we cannot stand still on product development team engagement or customer service if we want to remain successful.  It’s an evolutionary process that has to be worked on constantly, staying at least one step ahead of trends, especially today when it comes to the fast pace delivery of smart security and fire solutions.  

All these reasons come together to make Comelit UK a success, and we’re genuinely excited for our next growth stage, which will be at an accelerated rate. #WatchThisSpace!

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