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Johnson Controls details WorkForce Notifier for C•CURE 9000

JOHNSON CONTROLS, the smart buildings specialist and architect of the OpenBlue digital platforms, has introduced the WorkForce Notifier plug-in solution which adds significant real-life practical benefits to the Tyco Software House C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform.

Developed by Encode Labs, itself a Johnson Controls technology partner, the WorkForce Notifier plug-in sends e-mails or SMS messages to employees and contractors to alert them that they’re in danger of being locked out of a site because their access control card credentials have expired or will be expiring in the near future.

The alerts, which are sent at configurable intervals via a customisable template that can include an organisation’s logo, provide the recipient with an overview of the expiring dates of all their credentials, as well as notification that a specific credential urgently needs to be updated. This could, for example, relate to a work permit or the fact that a medical examination is due, and provides the option to attach documentation which sets out renewal procedures.

WorkForce Notifier also facilitates the management of multiple expiration dates on a single personnel record. It’s able to do so directly from C•CURE 9000’s Personnel Editor or from records fed from the databases of third party Human Resources (HR), Health and Safety and visitor management systems.

When expiration dates are imported from a given HR system such as SAP WorkDay, the plug-in automatically processes any changes and seamlessly enforces the new dates on the existing credentials, thereby removing the need to make manual changes.

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