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(ISC)² entry-level cyber security exam completed by 1,000-plus learners

SINCE THE programme launched on Monday 31 January, upwards of 1,000 cyber security career hopefuls have taken their first step towards a professional certification by completing the (ISC)² entry-level cyber security pilot examination.

The new professional certification programme establishes a pathway into the workforce for students and career changers alike by demonstrating their foundational knowledge, skills and abilities to employers.

The world’s largest non-profit association of certified cyber security professionals, (ISC)² created the certification to support and nurture a new generation of cyber security professionals entering the field – from recent university graduates through to career changers and on again to IT professionals – and who are seeking to validate their security skills.

In essence, the certification provides employers with the necessary assurance that newcomers have the foundational knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in entry-level and junior-level roles.

“The outstanding response to our pilot programme shows the need for this certification,” explained Clar Rosso, CEO at (ISC)². “The entry-level cyber security certification satisfies a void the industry has been struggling to fill for years now and promises to be among the fastest-growing, in-demand cyber security certifications.”

Rosso added: “We’re facing a global cyber security workforce gap of more than 2.7 million people. We can only close that gap if we increase pathways into the field and make a cyber security career more accessible to more individuals. Candidates who pass our examination will show employers that they can contribute to their organisations’ missions and have the aptitude to learn and grow on the job.”

How the exam works

The (ISC)² entry-level cyber security certification pilot examination evaluates candidates across several domains – security principles, business continuity, disaster recovery and incident response concepts, access control concepts, network security and security operations. A pilot exam outline is available that contains more details on the content within each domain.

Candidates who pass the (ISC)² entry-level cyber security certification pilot exam become full members of (ISC)², with access to continuing education, thought leadership, peer support, industry events and other professional development opportunities.

Membership supports cyber security practitioners in their immediate and future careers as they gain experience and work towards more advanced and specialised certifications, such as the globally renowned (ISC)² Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

There will be no disruption to exam registration and administration throughout the pilot programme and any time prior to the launch of the official certification programme itself.

To prepare for the (ISC)² entry-level cyber security certification pilot exam, candidates can access a series of domain review sessions delivered in online instructor-led or online self-paced formats. All courses review the main themes and areas of expertise covered by the pilot certification exam outline.

The courses also include sample questions, helping candidates to focus on what to expect during the pilot examination. Candidates will receive a certificate of completion for the review session.

Portfolio of credentials

Best known for the acclaimed CISSP certification, (ISC)² offers a portfolio of credentials that are part of an holistic and pragmatic approach to security. Its 168,000-strong membership is made up of certified cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who are making a difference and helping to advance the industry.

The primary (ISC)² vision is supported by the organisation’s commitment to educate and reach the general public through its charitable foundation, namely the Centre for Cyber Safety and Education.

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