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Bournemouth door supervisor prosecuted for working while suspended

ON WEDNESDAY 28 September at Poole Magistrates’ Court, David Dankwa-Smith pleaded guilty to working as an illegal door supervisor at a Bournemouth nightclub. Dankwa-Smith worked at the venue while his Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence was suspended. As a result, he was fined £330 and required to pay £1,070 in court costs as well as a victim surcharge of £34.

The SIA suspended Dankwa-Smith’s door supervisor licence on 26 November last year. Devon and Cornwall Police informed the SIA of Dankwa-Smith’s suspected criminality. Despite the suspension, the evidence showed that Dankwa-Smith worked as an unlicensed door supervisor at the Bournemouth bar and nightclub between 4 February and 5 March this year.

Back in January, Dorset Police advised the SIA that Dankwa-Smith was suspected of additional criminality.

The venue owner met with Dorset Police’s licensing officer on 8 March this year. Together, they checked the status of Dankwa-Smith’s licence and the SIA confirmed to Dorset Police that his licence was suspended.

On the same day, the venue owner dismissed Dankwa-Smith as soon as he had discovered that his licence was suspended.

The SIA began a criminal investigation case against Dankwa-Smith. He was invited to participate in an interview under caution, which he failed to attend.

Jenny Hart, one of the SIA’s criminal investigation managers has stated that this case highlights the importance of due diligence checks both prior to and during the deployment of security operatives.

“Dankwa-Smith pleaded guilty to working as an unlicensed door supervisor while he was suspended,” affirmed Hart. “Suspension means suspension. He could not work as a door supervisor. He has now been prosecuted and has a criminal record. We will now be revoking Dankwa-Smith’s licence.”

Hart concluded: “The purpose of the licensing regime is to protect members of the public. It’s imperative that employers conduct regular checks on the validity of the licensed security staff on site. Dankwa-Smith put the public at risk and betrayed the trust of his employer.”

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